Black Tower Gallery is a space dedicated to contemporary art, focused on various means of expression that combine collage, appropriation and the resources of traditional art; including painting, sculpture, drawing and object art. In tune with the visual syncretism of our time, we support and exhibit artists and works that develop at the crossroads of various expressive trends, both figurative and abstract, always focused on issues related to subjectivity, art history, stereotypes of popular culture, the media and fashion. From our space in Miami's Design District, we work intensely and enthusiastically to connect art, collecting and aesthetic enjoyment. For this we offer a wide range of creative proposals, governed by criteria of quality and constant experimentation.



    Exhibited as a single piece, a phone is a feature on a wall, recalling a day when phones were immovable, rotary-dial objects that we worked around, rather than those that adapt to our movements, as the current day versions do today.